George Patterson

George Patterson

Sure, I have over 6 years of real estate experience; but more importantly, I come up as the #1 result for the Google Image search for “keytar”.

I graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in History. Although my studies focused on East Asian studies, my Mandarin is terrible. I have previously worked as a paralegal, musician, audio engineer, and software tech support.

I specialize in troublesome property searches. I enjoy working with first time buyers, investors and rehabilitation projects. I can squeeze out deals in a competitive market, I can show you how the worst 70’s ranch can be your dream home, or find that dream bungalow that seems beyond reach (it’s hiding under aluminum siding).

I am the father of two, and I spend most of my free time these days gardening. As such, I can identify landscape plants and complain about rhodies planted too close to the foundation with ease.



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